You Tube

In a world that depends so heavily on the internet, there have been few introductions as revolutionary as the world’s most popular video-sharing website, YouTube. Unlike many other video watching websites, it is users who have made YouTube what it is, by being on both ends, watching and sharing. What started as a simple platform for coming together and sharing videos has grown beyond its initial purpose, and has become an ultimate stage for showcasing one’s talents, skills, and just about anything to an audience that reaches every corner of the world. Music videos, songs, movies, documentaries, TV shows – you name it. YouTube has virtually everything. Whether you are a gym trainer or have a talent for mixing songs, all you need to do is make an account and upload your videos. From being the career ladder for many globally known music stars and entertainers, to being a perfect destination for killing boredom, YouTube has a special place in the hearts of millions.

When this website is translated into an entirely different app for smartphones, the YouTube experience or as it is known, ‘Youtub-ing’ is taken to the next level. Not only does this app allow for a much more user friendly layout, but the fact that it is tailor-made to the meet the needs of smartphone users make this app an ultimate must-have. For the very few who still type in the address to access the site and are yet to use this app, an experience awaits. As soon as you open the app, you realize that the layout is designed especially for smartphones, which makes it much easier for you to browse through different categories or type whatever it is you want to search. The way in which the recommended videos are shown besides the running video is also very impressive, and this is why it adds further color to an already unrivaled video-watching and sharing experience. While it would be unfair to claim that watching YouTube by typing the address in your browser is full of inconveniences, you cannot deny the fact that having an app that does not only eliminate the need for typing-in the address every time, but also enrich the experience through its concentration on the needs of a smartphone, is by a mile a better option. The comparison between the two choices is a no-contest. This is the reason behind the astronomical popularity of this app, this is the reason why smartphones are on their way to replacing more gadgets than ever.

Just when you thought that it could not get any better, you get an app that proves you wrong. With many updates still upcoming, we can certainly expect a whole lot more from this app. For now, it is something we must wait and savor. A more-than-worthy app for the number 3 spot.

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