Back in the days, our phones only had voice call capability, text messaging and a few games. Overtime, this range has been expanded in a way that has brought us face to face with the reality that our mobile phones can be used for a variety of different purposes, without losing the original aim. Whatsapp is one app that proves this right, taking over the reign from your usual text messaging, and not just replacing it, but enhancing the experience in a way that you no longer ‘message your friends,’ you ‘Whatsapp’ them.

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that allows users to send both, text and multimedia messages to individuals in your contact list. So, if you happen to have the phone number of a certain individual and that person happens to use Whatsapp via the same number, you will see him or her in your Whatsapp contact list. The concept is neither groundbreaking, nor complicated to understand. This app is not about the fancy things that the technology of today allows us to do. Instead, it is more about using a less-than-fancy technology for making our lives both, easier and more interesting. The way it has eliminated our need to send text messages is beyond comparison. Not only does this app allow you to send messages, but also different voice recordings, pictures, videos and just about everything. All of this, without utmost ease. For instance, to record a voice message, all you have to do is hold the mic icon next to the send message option and record your message. As soon as you will release the tap, the message will be sent. Such is the smoothness Whatsapp brings to our lives. In addition, a group chat option allows you to choose as many contacts as you like and form a private group conversation. This comes in extremely handy when you have a certain group of friends to interact with or a professional group with a mutual agenda to work on. You longer have to send messages to different people. All you have to do is add them to a group chat and make them part of the conversation.

Sitting on number 9 on list of the most downloaded apps in 2013, this popularity is there for a reason. Whatsapp actually aims to expand and challenge the boundaries of the regular mobile phone based social interaction. Allowing you to set your own status, profile picture, and add color to the whole thing by a bunch of different emoticons are some of Whatsapp’s initial steps in achieving that. What started out as an optional app to use and have fun with has become a clear must-have.

Where there are skeptics who argue that smartphones have drifted away from the main purpose for which mobile phones were introduced, we have apps like this that shows to such individuals that smartphones have not forgotten but purpose, but enhanced it. For the generation that brought to us text messaging, Whatsapp is the gift from our generation.

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