We chat

As the wind blew towards the trend of applications that allowed us to call and text our contacts with the help of an internet connection, we came to use a bunch of different apps, all of which had something special. The emphasis varied, while the idea was quite the same. In this trend, there was a clear stand-out winner, an app that was different and more popular than the rest of the lot, one that took the market away. Unlike most top-rated apps, this was not an American, but a Chinese app – WeChat. It derives its name from a Chinese word that means ‘micro message.’ As you would have guessed, WeChat is basically a text messaging and voice calling app, serving as the medium for social interaction via voice messages and calling, written messages, photos, emoticons, and whatnot.

However, it would be wrong to assume that WeChat was just another app from the bottle, since if this was true, it would have been lost in the crowed and suffered the same fate like the hundreds that came with it. The fact that it stood out points towards the fact that this app is something special, and while the idea is basic and already played with, the blend of innovation and creativity it adds to a seemingly mundane idea is nothing short of remarkable.

Supporting a dozen different languages, WeChat allows you to carry out a bunch of different functionalities. Whether you wish to initiate a private chat or you prefer having a group chat for an important discussion, all of it is made possible by the options you are presented with. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to broadcast messages, and share photos, videos, voice messages, and contact information, with utmost ease. The interaction is not limited to your own friends but extends to different local and international users, thanks to different location-based plug-ins. When it comes to adding pictures and sharing your experiences with the world, WeChat gives you the ability to add filters to your photo graphs, mold them according to your specific needs and base on the theme of the picture, adding a touch of creativity in the process. You can also add different captions to these photos, while a personal photo journal option allow you to amass all these photos at one place for people to see. All of the user data is protected through a cloud service, ensuring users safety of their uploads.

Overtime, the popularity of this app has soared and the users are now reaching the 70 million mark. Its developers, Tencent Holdings, are still far from complacent, with their recent endeavors of introducing games, stickers, voice input, bar code scanning, and other such fancy features are indications of what is yet to come. Having recently signed football star Lionel Messi as their brand ambassador, you can certainly imagine the heights Tencent Holdings wishes their app to reach. In the meanwhile, we should stop and enjoy this treat of an app. This app comes at number 5 in the rankings of the most downloaded apps in 2013.

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