Sitting on the 6th position is the app of one of the most popular social websites – Twitter. It is a platform that allows your views and opinions to travel the entire globe, and the views of all the relevant individuals to travel the whole world and come to you. All of this, within mere seconds.

In a world where social networking is increasing by the passing day, Twitter offers something much more unique than the likes of Orkut and Facebook. It actually comes together as a website that takes apart a certain aspect of the entire social networking experience – expression. Yes, you have statuses on Facebook as well, but the way Twitter does it makes it a much richer feel, and is suited especially to those individuals who are fond of expressing themselves. So if you are known for your insight on football matches, there are few platforms that comes close to Twitter, when it comes to offering you a stage to showcase this prowess of yours. Not only does this website allow you to put forth your views in front of whoever ‘follows’ you, but also comment on views shared by others, and thus, completing this experience by allowing for a proper two-way communication.

If you thought this is it, there is another aspect that you’re missing – being on the other side of sharing views. Yes that means that not only are you able to share your views, but also stay connected with all your friends and celebrities across the globe, through what Twitter calls ‘following.’ This means that when you decide to follow a certain individual, all of his or her updates are displayed on your page. This empowers you to stay connected with people from every corner of the world and keep yourself up-to-date with all the latest happenings around you. From your favorite music star, to your favorite news channel, there is no information that would be too far from you, thanks to Twitter.

Having already explained how Twitter makes staying close to your friends, celebrities, and other figures so easy and fun to do, imagine that experience tailor-made to fit the specific requirements of a smartphone. Imagine how high the experience would get when you would not require logging on to your Twitter account via your laptop or desktop PC, but instead all of it, at the touch of your thumb. This app certainly takes an experience that is not just unique, but extremely important to those who use the website on a regular basis, and put it on a level that is very difficult to rival. Through this app, you do not have to do much effort in order to stay close to whoever it is you follow. All you have to do is download the app and put its widget on your home screen. The widget get automatically updated, which means that as soon as you open the screen of your phone, you get instant updates. Such is the reach of the technology, such is the ease that it allows.

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