Deriving its name from the words ‘Sky’ and ‘Peer,’ Skype is a voice-over IP service and instant messaging client that brings out the best of internet and serves it to you on a silver platter. It leaves behind the days where you had to worry about the international calling rates and other such expenses. Instead, what it gives you is a free of cost (to an extent) video chatting and instant messaging experience, through your internet connection. What this revolutionary app has done in the process is completely eliminate the need for long distance calling and worrying about the cost it incurs. From those working abroad, to the group of friends working on a group project, all such people reap maximum benefits from this app, which allows face-to-face interaction, which is not just better than your regular video calls but also more cost-effective. The idea was a gem when it was first introduced about 10 years ago. No wonder Microsoft realized the potential and took over a few years back.

Considering the ease that Skype has sowed in our lives and the bridges it has built in ensuring that the distance between people from across the world is limited to being merely physical, one would not hesitate saying that this simple could not get any better. However, if there is anything we have learnt from the past two decades, it is that technology has no boundaries to fall within. This means that just as we were getting comfortable and complacent with having a software that allowed us to call, video call, and message people from across the world, using only the internet connection, technology goes a step ahead and smoothly brings this experience to our smartphones, furthering its already hefty charm in the process. The laptops of today are lighter than what they were a few years ago, but they are still quite behind in rivalling smartphones, when it comes to ease of carrying. What this means is that when Skype comes to your smartphone, it goes from being a great software to being an incredible app that simply leaves you astounded. This app is extremely user friendly, allowing you to choose between your mobile data and Wi-Fi, to make voice calls and video calls, and send messages to contacts from across the globe. If you have an internet connection and a smartphone front camera to go with, using the Skype app would bring to you an unprecedented ease by which you can stay in touch with people you love. Video chatting has been around for quite some time, but what Skype brings to you is something else, and as a cherry on the top, it does not even charge. However, there are charges for calling directly on mobile networks, which by the way are fairly reasonable.

Today, its popularity has no limit. This app has developed a whole new term of its own, called ‘Skyping.’ Like Twitter and Facebook, Skype was a first-off, bringing to you the best of internet, becoming the ultimate cornerstone for many such innovations to follow. From large multi-nationals to bored teenagers, today Skype is an integral part of millions of people across our planet.

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