If we were told a few years ago that a specific website would be made, the sole purpose of which would be to share pictures and videos with friends, few would be excited by the idea. This is because the idea lacks both, creativity and innovation. However, when Instagram came to the surface about 3 years ago, the fundamentally very same idea was turned into a gemstone, causing Facebook to buy it out for about $1 billion. Like they say, the devil is in the details. The developers concentrated on the tiny little things that accompanied the basic idea of the website. This endeavor was rewarded in the form of this immense success, making the website a household name in the very first year of its release.

Unlike many other platforms that allow users to upload and share photos, Instagram is actually aimed at enhancing the whole photography experience. It does so in a unique fashion, bringing to you the ability to edit, frame, and play with your photos and make them more interesting. Not only can you share photos, but also see photos shared by people you decide to ‘follow.’ Whenever a contact uploads a photo, it is displayed on the newsfeed, giving you the ability to comment on it and let the person in context know just how you feel. While uploading the photo, Instagram empowers its users to add details regarding the photo for others to see. In addition, it also allows for photo filters to be added, allowing you to add effects to your pictures according to your liking. Whether you wish to add a frame, make a collage, or make your picture look like it was shot in the 70’s, Instagram has it all.

With Facebook having taken over Instagram, the close link between the two websites is inevitable. This can be seen by the fact that uploading pictures on Instagram can feature on your Facebook wall through a single click. This is the reason behind the fact that an increasing number of people are sharing pictures through Instagram, instead of uploading them on Facebook. While Instagram does seem an impractical to use for a bulk of photos, it is a perfect app for different spontaneous or one-off cell phone captures. Met a celebrity, or got a new haircut, it is time to put it on Instagram and let you friends know. A simple part of our ordinary lives, Instagram has over 150 million active users.

Today, Instagram is become an integral part of millions. From uploading simple morning photos, to sharing interesting scenes you see on your way to work, Instagram has become a whole different platform, where the primary medium of communication is the photo you upload

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