When we talk about the pure social networking experience, the first name that comes to mind is Facebook. Now Facebook is the masterpiece website that Mark Zuckerberg and company pulled off with great precision and has been around for about a decade now. However, if there any other website that comes close to the popularity Facebook enjoys, it is Google+. In an area dominated by Facebook, Google has had a try for itself and given its penchant for coming up with newer and better products, you cannot really be surprised. However, the success it has achieved in an area which few people dared to compete in is absolutely remarkable and further strengthens your faith in Google’s ability to bring you the very best of the technological world.

When you talk about Google+, comparisons with the likes of Facebook and Twitter are inevitable and the only reason why anyone would consider switching to Google+ would involve shortcomings on the part of these two giants in the social-networking industry. However, the increasing popularity that is coming Google+’s way makes you wonder what it is really about this app that makes it so alluring, even at the face of such fierce competition. The first improvement you notice in Google+ is its notification panel, which is trivial to say but a relief to get access to. As you move on, you realize that getting rid of all the unnecessary advertisements and reminders that came your way instantly becomes a delight. The new layout is not just user-friendly, but to be honest, a pleasure to use, a part of which is due to the fact that we needed something new. Google+ may not have the user-base of Facebook yet, but it certainly has what it takes to lock horns with the social networking giant.

Coming to the purpose Google+ serves, the basic concentration is on providing a smooth social-networking experience that is not hindered by any annoying disturbances. From sharing photos to writing to your friends, Google+ incorporates all the basic levels of social-networking, while also giving its users a special something to smile about. The time you spend on Google+ is better utilized, since it comes with settings that allow you to decide what you want to and don’t want to see on your news. This makes interaction with the relevant people and companies much easier, and and furthers its charm. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to categorize your friends into different classifications and then according to your choices, it tailors what you look at. It beats its competition with features like Sparks, Huddles, Hangouts, and much more, and thus, show immense potential to become the ultimate benchmark in the industry. As a cherry on the top, its smartphone app is one of the best around, allowing special features made specifically for the app, adding further color to the whole experience.

Google has never disappointed when it comes to innovation and quality and with its recent social-networking website, there is certainly immense potential. Who knows we might be looking at the future world beater? For now, Google+ is the second-largest social networking website, with over 500 million users, next to only Facebook. As for the popularity ratings of its app, it is the 4th most used app in 2013, only two spots behind its biggest competition.

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