Google Map

Introduced for Android for the first time back in 2007, Google Maps started out as a simple app that allowed users to navigate their way to their desired destination, using Google’s technology. Overtime, it has evolved into something that has made our lives so much easier, by empowering us with the ability to not only track where we are and how to reach the desired destination, but serve in a silver platter all the various ways it can be done. While the technology was around from quite some time, the PC version served a different purpose, allowing users to look at different locations through the help of satellite images. This app is more of a GPS-tracking app, which directs you where you wish to go.

If you have Android and you travel on a regular basis, nothing becomes a better companion than Google Maps. This app becomes your ultimate travel assistant, allowing you to navigate through different routes, and choose the one that fits you best. Different updates that came the app’s way now allow it to bring forward functionalities like turn-by-turn navigation, street view, and public transit information.

What this means is that this app is not your everyday GPS that tell you how to reach and where. Instead, it goes a few steps ahead, by illustrating to you step-by-step all the different ways of reaching where you wish to be. It walks you through the entire route, letting you know what turn to make and when you can expect the next turn. If you are new in a town, you no longer need to stop your car and ask for directions. With Google Maps at your side, all you have to do is let the app know where you wish to reach and let it work its magic. From every turn to every bridge, Google Maps incorporates everything you encounter on your way and let you know forehand.

Google’s desire to innovate and improve has furthered the charm of this app, as it now even allows for an offline navigation. Through a download option, users can download maps for about 150 different countries, which can then be accessed when needed, without being dependent on an internet connection. This means that even if you do not have mobile internet on your smartphone, this app does not falter one bit. Perhaps this is why CNET calls this app the ‘king of all maps’ and a ‘standard to match for mobile navigation applications.’

If we look back at the past decade, we will see how our mobile phones have replaced several different gadgets. With apps like the Google Maps, your smartphone successfully adds another takeover to its list, completely eliminating the need for a separate GPS. Whether you are embarking upon a new adventure, or just heading home from work, nothing guides you home better than Google’s masterpiece web mapping service. This is exactly why it sits on the very top of tree as THE most downloaded Android smartphone app in 2013.

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