If you had to guess which app sits on the top, next to only the Google Maps, few would vote against Facebook, and those who won’t will all be right. Yes, that is true. Today, Facebook is a household name, a platform where virtually everyone with internet access has an account. With stats showing a record of 1.15 billion users, Facebook is as big of social networking giant as they come.

According to the legal requirements, all those who are 13 and above are eligible for an account on Facebook. When you first make an account on this website, the first thing you are asked to do is make a profile. This profile goes down as your mirror image, displaying all your different likes, dislikes, preferences, and other information. So basically, if anyone wishes to know you better, your Facebook profile would be a good place to start, and this is the primary purpose the website serves. Next thing you do is add your friends, all of which you are most likely to find in the search tab. After you have done the first two steps, you can proceed towards a social networking experience like no other. Those who have not used this app would consider it an exaggeration, but then again, that category is nearly non-existent. Today, everyone has Facebook, and there is little doubt as to why this is so. From sharing statuses, pictures, and different links from across the world, you get options like commenting, ‘liking,’ and sharing. In addition, you can play different games on the site and compete with your friends, spurring each other on for higher scores and having a great experience in the meanwhile. Adding to these features further options like the ‘check-in’ feature and different opportunities to advertise your Facebook Pages and businesses, and you have a social networking website that tops all its rivals, by a mile.

Having explained what Facebook is and what lies behind its immense popularity, few doubts remain as to why its smartphone app is so high sought-after. While you can access the website by simply typing-in the address in your browser, what you get as a result is the website, which can at times be difficult to browse through a smartphone. For instance, if you tap on a story, pushing the back button would not mean that you reach the exact same point on the newsfeed, but instead, it takes you back to square one. Facebook app remedies minor issues like these, while also allowing different functionalities to be made easier. It offers options to update your status, upload photos, share links, and just about everything, with absolutely minimal effort and hassle. It is tailor-made for the requirements of this website, and thus, ensure that this amazing experience is smoothly brought to your smartphone.

It does not get better than starting your day with browsing through the newsfeed, getting updates from your friends from all over the world, and letting them know how you have been. All of this, at the touch of your thumb, and nothing more. This app is not one of the apps you should have, but one that you must. If you relish what Facebook brings to your life, there is absolutely nothing that you wouldn’t love about this app.

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