Facebook Messenger

pToday, Facebook has about 1.15 billion users across the world. Even places which do not have proper roads have Facebook. Such is the importance and popularity of this website in today’s world.

If you get busy looking at the dynamics that contribute to this sky-touching popularity of Facebook, you will come across a hoard of different factors, which play their respective roles. From options that allow you to tag your friends in comments in posts and statuses, to being able to play different games and compete with your friends on scores, there is no lack of what you can do to enhance your social experience on this masterpiece of a website. However, one of the most important and old features that this website features is the inbox messaging. Now you do, of course, retain the option of writing on your friend’s walls but there is little privacy to that. Ergo, if you wish to discuss something of private nature, what you resort to is a separate inbox made for this purpose. Although, overtime, this feature has gotten many upgrades, which now even allow for a private group chat and a separate pop-up chat boxes at the right-bottom corner, this option has been around for quite a while and has played its part in being the corner stone for the astronomical success that came towards Facebook.

The Facebook Messenger app takes this very important aspect of your Facebook experience and mold it into an entirely different app from your basic Facebook app. It does so by allowing you to only see your inbox and online friends, when you login on the app. This means that this app is only directed towards the messaging aspect of your Facebook experience, and due to its unparalleled importance, it tries to separate it and allow you further ease. But if this is just a stand-alone aspect of a very rich Facebook experience, why would anyone opt for this app instead of the Facebook app? The reason behind this can be tracked back to the fact that Facebook app tries to cover and include all the different facets of your virtual social experience and thus, inevitably fail to concentrate on the specifics. The Facebook Messenger realizes this minor shortcoming of the wholly impressive Facebook app and aids it by becoming the platform which allows you to separately experience a very important part of Facebook.

While this app is by no means a replacement for your Facebook app, if you are into using your Facebook for messaging and chatting with your friends, which probably most people do, there is no better to look towards than the Facebook Messenger app. From the basic layout, to the ease by which it allows to initiate and continue different chats, this app brings to you the Facebook messaging in a way that is almost impossible to rival. Therefore, when it comes to popularity, this app is very highly regarded and thus, is a choice of millions of smartphone users across the world.

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