About Us

At MobileAppex, we bring to you the very best from the smartphone industry – the top 10 apps in 2013. Now without these apps, your smartphones would just be normal phones, with better looks. This means that it is these apps that heavily contribute to the hefty popularity of these smartphones. We realize this fact and thus, put together a setting where we not only list down these top apps but also review them for you to see and learn from. By clicking on these apps, you would reach a separate page, which would further acquaint you with what the app in context is about and how it makes this world a better place to live in.

We list down the most frequently used apps in 2013, which range from the very basics to the very fancy. On one hand, we list down Google Maps, which becomes your eyes and ears when you are unsure of where to turn, while we also bring you closer to the likes of Instagram, which becomes a medium for not just sharing photos, but adding life to them. Add to this list apps like Whatsapp, Google+ and others, and you have yourself an ultimate list of must-have apps.

Our aim is simple – identifying the top 10 apps and then reviewing them. However, what we do in the process is enrich your future smartphone experience, by making you aware of what options await. Since your apps determine the smartphone experience you encounter, it is optimal to have the right apps. What we do is bring you closer to these apps, by presenting in detail all you need to know about them.

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